Land development and surveying projects

Some of our latest land development and surveying projects are:

– Digital cadastre and GIS of NPP”Kozloduy” (total area about 300 Ha)
– Geodetic surveying of electrical transmission network (110 kVa) in Vratsa district
– Design of Cadastral map of Kavarna municipality (total area about 400 Ha)
– Cadastral map of the town of Kozloduy (total area about 120 Ha)
– Supervision on designing of cadastral map and database in Vratsa district
– Burgas district and Veliko Tarnovo district
– Digital cadastre of the underground communications of NPP at Kozloduy
– Cadastral services in Kozloduy, Oriahovo, Razlog and Bansko municipalities
– Detailed development plan (DDP) of the Nuclear Power Plant at Kozloduy with area of 500 Ha
– DDP of Radioactive Waste Depot
– SDDP of an area of 3000 Ha in north of Bulgaria
– DDP of a gold mine in Krumovgrad in south Bulgaria